Martin forsman Partner

For Martin, most things are possible and anything else is a question of attitude. He is unequivocal, likes a fast pace and is happy to test our clients outside of their comfort zone.

Martin is a passionate leader who is happy to test both himself and others outside of the comfort zone. He has long experience of the consultancy role and loves it when things become concrete and he can see a change in both the short and the long term. Martin likes a fast pace and lives by the motto “Why do something tomorrow when it can be done today?” In a group setting, he is the one who listens first and then drives forward and finishes with a concrete summary. Most things are possible and anything else is a question of attitude.

As a consultant, Martin is receptive and has good empathetic skills. Lots of people like being in the same room as Martin. He is also a good communicator (listens, asks questions and gives tips), which means that his clients get many alternatives for how they can express themselves both internally and externally.

In Martin’s spare time, there is always something going on. The family comes first, of course, but Martin also likes to indulge in powder skiing and links golf. This along with, more recently, ice hockey takes up many of his early mornings, evenings and weekends. If he should ever “relax”, Martin likes to fish or take the bike and have a cold dip on a chilly November evening.