Jakob Roos Consultant

Jakob likes to challenge participants and he has the ability to visualise challenges and solutions in such a way that there is no doubt about what the next step is.

Jakob is an enthusing leader with a passion for developing and coaching others. With his extensive experience in sales, entrepreneurship and leadership, he can easily relate to the situations and challenges that our clients face. Just as great as his passion for improving others is his love of improving himself, whether personally or professionally, “you can always be better!”.

As a consultant, Jakob is good at listening and asking questions and, from there, adapting to the group’s challenges. Jakob is also very good at visualising both challenges and solutions in a way that makes them crystal clear to the person or people he is talking to. He has the ability to put a smile on everyone’s face and make them feel confident. When required, he doesn’t hesitate to challenge participants.

In his spare time, family comes first, closely followed by cooking and a vision of working out more. Jakob has recently got the carpentry bug and, as a new homeowner, always has a new project around the corner.