Daniel Kelly Consultant

Daniel has an enquiring mind, a genuine interest in the individual and has a passion for helping others achieve their goals by influencing their behaviour.

Daniel enjoys meeting other people and has a great passion for behaviour and its driving forces. For over 13 years Daniel has had the privilege of seeing others grow and develop in their roles in different companies. Being a part of this process, helping others achieve their goals, is both enjoyable and incredibly rewarding.

As a consultant, Daniel has an enquiring mind and a genuine interest in the individual. While he likes to command the room in order to inspire participants, he also appreciates being the observer who analyses the thoughts and behaviour of others. A good combination in the consultancy role.

In Daniel’s leisure time, he devotes all his attention to his family and its activities. For now, TeamGym and football are at the top of the agenda. If the family have any time over, they like to spend it in nature. After five ski seasons in the Alps, we can see that skiing also has a big place in Daniel’s heart.