Vellinge municipality, Skanörs school

"Managing a school organisation is complex. All too often, we “run to” emergency situations instead of having strategically planned to prevent them.

We hired More intenz to help us identify our improvement potential, individually and as a group, in order to be more effective. After completing a test, we have gained numerous tools, which have been real eye-openers as to how to go about our activities, who does what best, how to benefit from each other's strengths, and what may constitute pitfalls in the future.

We feel that we are well on our way from being a work group that enjoy working together to being a team where the tasks are in focus in an effective and strategic manner. More intenz has provided knowledge and insight with well thought-out teaching and methodology."

Annica Olson Westerlind

Principal and Preschool Manager
Vellinge kommun, Skanörs skola
More intenz