"Since 2014, More intenz has worked with us at Telia with the aim of ensuring that everyone, regardless of role, contributes to increased sales and increased revenues. At the start of the project, the majority of sales people worked with a so-called service behaviour; i.e., you provided only what the customer requested. Taking sales initiative was a task so far beyond the comfort zone of most people that no one viewed that kind of behaviour as a natural aspect of the work.

More intenz has worked with our sales culture and conducted sales coaching with all managers on several different occasions. Together with our employees, we have also worked with our corporate culture, placing a great deal focus on sales-related attitudes as well as on change and employee responsibility in general. As a third step, we have worked with pure sales skills, combining theory and practical exercises.

The target for 2015 was to achieve some 10 million (SEK) in increased sales and revenues. By the end of the year we had exceeded our target by over 300%. This means that the investment made by Telia in More intenz paid for itself 15 times over in the first year."


Annika Strålhandske

VP Head of Service Operations
More intenz