"Our investment really paid off! AddPro chose More intenz as its partner for comprehensive training in several steps and on different levels for the entire AddPro organisation, with focus on our sales behaviour. Nobody regrets that choice today. More intenz has developed and trained everyone's ability to approach clients differently depending on the situation, their role, needs, and requirements.

Our businessmen have received great tools and methodology training in how to better plan their time and become more effective. Particularly in implementing a predetermined plan with a client by having the right attitude and clear targets.

The More intenz training provided us with valuable coaching in prioritising the right tasks in order to create added value for AddPro as a company, as well as for our clients."

Directly from a AddPro businessman;

“With the help of More intenz, I have gained a greater understanding and a methodology for how to plan and conduct my target-oriented sales efforts, as well as how to prioritise sales and not service. I now have the tools to master how our solution can help the client strategically, how I can respond to and turn an objection to my advantage”

Anne Kallerhult

Consultant Manager
More intenz