Organizational development More intenz has been working on various types of organizational development since 2004. We strongly believe that it is the employees who constitute the biggest competitive asset in the company. It's the way our customers act, separating them from competitors, contributing to success and to a good culture in the organization. Organizational development in the form of leadership training, sales training and coaching are services we offer to influence the behavior of employees. Investing in organizational development is well invested money that will pay back many times.
Worked on different types of organizational development

We challenge our customers to change and the biggest change is done by influencing people's behavior. More intenz offers cutting edge expertise in sales & service, leadership and corporate culture, with the focus on behavior. It's the way our customers act, separating them from their competitors and contributing to success and to a strong culture in the organization. With More Intenz training in sales and service, you get knowledge and insight into effective methods and strategies for creating profitable customer relations. It's about how you best get your customers to choose just your products or services. How to create business based on both the client and the company's best interests. Whatever role you have on the company, you are part of the sales process - either directly or indirectly. Our sales training gives you knowledge and confidence in how you act throughout the sales process, from the first meeting to a successful business.